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  • Compassion Tea Company

    A very enjoyable way to support the efforts of CompassioNow is through our sister company, Compassion Tea which sells high quality, premium loose leaf teas and pyramid tea bags from all over the world with 100% of after tax profits going to support CompassioNow. Make a one time purchase, or consider a Compassion a monthly membership and enjoy premium teas shipped directly to you at a considerable savings.

  • Rwanda Children

    In March 2017 the CompassioNow Board of Directors approved a new partnership with Rwanda Children located in Ntarama, South of Kigali, Rwanda. This village was started in 2013 and has expanded into the Hunter Hanner Community of Hope with additional facilities to serve the surrounding community.  CompassioNow is proud to support their new health center which provides health professionals from Rwanda and other countries the opportunity to minister to the sick... especially to children who have nowhere else to turn. 

    Please Donate to Make a Difference.

  • The Gift of Compassion

    Make a Difference Today - Click the Link Below!

    Change someones life with the few dollars and cents that are round off amounts in your budget. It is hard to image the benefit such a small amount can make in places where a clean bandage is more than a luxury! 


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Recent Posts

  • 25-05-2012
    Medical Team Visits Rural Hospital
    MAMBILIMA MEDICAL MISSION TRIP - 26 APRIL 2012 – 29 APRIL 2012 REPORT BY NELLIE CHITAMBO The airplane is under maintenance so this trip was made using our land vehicle. It started as a normal trip when we left Ndola at 09.20hrs on Thursday morning. Unfortunately, the vehicle broke down partway to our destination. We had to rebuild the diesel pump and filter which delayed our arrival at the mission hospital significantly. We finally arrived in the early morning hours on Friday. We found one of the housekeepers waiting for us and found a meal that was meant for supper…
  • 03-10-2012
    Medical Supplies Delivered to Clinics in South Africa
    When Compassion Tea co-founders Chris and Jack Faherty wanted to plan a family vacation, they decided to make it a life-changing one for their two children, Julia and Liam. Instead of heading to a beach or Disney park, instead of hoofing it through an American historical sight or partaking of the grandeur of one of America’s great national parks, they chose a trip to South Africa. And when they left for their trip in late July, they took with them an extra 5 duffel bags. Each bag weighed 50 lbs. and was filled with medical supplies. The Fahertys delivered the…